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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dino's fancy Cardician's Riffle Pass

Dino Bentivegna, son of the Beard, a Cardician in his own right, shows a very difficult one-handed false cut from the most difficult-to-hide angles. The cards are shown face up, to better see the action. They appear and disappear as if by magic.

The way it was: The Boogie Woogie --oh yeah!

Here's how they are doing it right now in Switzerland (it's very popular there). The dance the kids are doing was known as the Jitterbug. Eat your hearts out!

Anita O'Day Take the "A" train

This version of the Duke Ellington classic is the one I and some others prefer, even over the more widely recognized one that made Ella Fitzgerald famous.

Marciano/Walcott title fight

The greatest punch ever thrown

The photo of this punch is immortalized in the Library of Congress

Friday, February 1, 2008

DVD Preview

Here's a few trick banks that will be on my new DVD